Choose a facial treatment essence for your skin type

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Did you know that choosing the right facial treatment essence for your skin type? It will make the surface of the skin to be properly nourished. On the other hand, using a slather that doesn’t match your skin type can unknowingly damage your skin. Therefore, invite the girls. Everyone turned their attention to choosing the right water to match their skin type. In order to maintain the most effective facial skin care.

1. Normal skin
for girls with normal skin. You can use the slap water to the fullest. Whether it is a facial treatment essence that moisturizes the skin. A sap that revitalizes the skin. Or a slap that helps make your skin clear. Since normal skin is healthy, healthy, and healthy skin, don’t forget to take care of your skin regularly with gentle care. No matter how strong the skin is. So that beautiful skin can stay with us for a long time.

2. Dry skin      
young people who have dry skin. Should choose to use water that moisturizes the skin. Because this kind of water helps nourish the skin to be full of water and reduce dryness of the skin as well. which is suitable for people with dry skin Should be a slap with a mixture of oil or aloe vera. Because it will help the skin to be soft and moist than before.

3. Oily skin
In the part of people who have oily skin or have acne problems. It is necessary to choose a slap that contains natural extracts. Contains no chemicals or oils. and no perfume flavoring which is suitable for people with oily skin or acne Not only need to add moisture to the skin. But it must also have properties to reduce oily face, which is the main cause of acne as well.

4. Combination skin
For girls with combination skin, choose a slap that helps nourish the skin from drying out. And should be a slap that does not contain chemicals as well. Because combination skin requires different care from other skin types. This is because combination skin tends to be oily and prone to breakouts. Located in the chin, nose and forehead area, it should be treated with gentle skin care. and always add moisture to the skin

5. Sensitive skin
For those with sensitive skin It’s important to choose a slather that doesn’t contain alcohol, perfume, or any kind of chemical, as sensitive skin is the one that requires careful and careful selection of products. In comparison, people with sensitive skin may need to use water that is suitable for people with acne that has it all ufaet.

Choosing the right facial treatment essence to match your skin type. It not only helps the skin to be deeply nourished and effective. It also helps prevent skin damage from using products that do not match your skin type.