Did you know that the location of your acne can tell you your disease

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The location of pimples tells us more than we think. The factors that cause acne can come from both internal and external factors. and external factors Whether it’s washing your face, hormones, the environment, cosmetics, dust pollution, PM2.5, etc. Acne that appears in various places on the face can indicate internal problems in the body as well. 

We will divide the different zones of the face into 14 zones.

Zone 1 and Zone 2, left and right forehead.

If you have acne location in this zone Oftentimes, it may indicate that you have digestive problems. and adrenal glands The cause may be from eating food. little rest Therefore, you should eat food from all 5 food groups. Drinking lots of water and getting enough rest will be good for you.

Zone 3 between the eyebrows

Means you are having liver problems. which involves the digestion of lactose Therefore, you should not drink milk during this period. And you should refrain from eating spicy food and eating late at night. This will help. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app

Zone 4 and Zone 10 are the areas of both ears.

It means that you are having problems with your kidneys and may be accompanied by heat in your ears. You should reduce your meat intake. and turned to eating more vegetables.

Zone 5 and Zone 9 are both cheek areas. 

That is, if it is acne on the upper cheek It means that you are having problems with your sinuses and lungs, and if you have acne location on your lower cheek. It means that you are having problems with your gums and teeth. Symptoms such as acne on the upper cheek often cannot be cured. And having deep wrinkles may mean that there is a problem with the lungs and healing, or it may be a chronic allergy.

Zone 6 and Zone 8 are located around both eyes.

You may have an allergy. or received insufficient rest Or there may be toxins left in the body. In some cases, there may be beads on the eyelid area as well. It is showing that you have allergies.

Zone 7: Nose and lips.

is related to Heart and reproductive system If the skin color is darker around the nose It indicates that you may have a problem with high blood pressure. If you have acne, it indicates that you are pregnant. It’s menstruating. Or menopause.

Zone 11 and Zone 13, the area under the lips on both the left and right sides.

If acne occurs in this area It means there may be a problem with the ovaries. menstruation Have problems with the jaw and teeth.

Zone 12, tip of the chin.

Relates to the stomach and small intestine. It may be caused by eating too much spicy food. This causes the intestines to have problems absorbing.

Zone 14, throat and chest.

Concerns the functioning of the brain and subconscious mind. Acne in this area indicates that you are under a lot of stress. So you shouldn’t be stressed.